Monday, 12 May 2014

New Images!


Now once again i need to apologise for the fact that this blog has been pretty stagnant for a AGES! I have no excuses, except for the fact that i am lazy. Sorry

Anyways... I finally moved to London at the beginning of January, which by the way, is great fun. Now I have been here a few months the 'shiney' persona has worn off, but i still love this city! I have met some great new friends and got the chance to hang out with a few old ones too.

I am working full time as photographers assistant! It's so much fun (hard work), but great!

I am really writing this post not just to update people on my boring little life, but because i have a few new images! Well i say new but really i shot them at the end of last year, and i haven't been happy enough with them to let them go... but... i think i have now got them to a point where i am relatively happy with them. That, and i figured they are not doing much for me just sitting on my hard drive!

So here they are...

  I shot both of these images in a very short space of time. But i had soooo much fun doing it. The model was great and really easy to work with so that made it so much easier. The clothes on both shots were supplied by Costin London, a fab new label that is about to hit London full in the face (So keep an eye out, its going to be epic)!

If anyone has any comments or feedback I would really appreciate it. 


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lights, Camera, 'ACTIONS'...

Hello again,

Hope all is well with you lot.

Recently I got myself into a bit of a flap with Photoshop, I updated from CS5 to CS6. This transition should have been easy, right? Wrong!

Up until this point I did not realise how heavily I relied on pre-set Photoshop actions.  So opening CS6 with all the excitement of a 6 year old on Christmas day, I quickly realised that my knowledge was not exactly up to scratch. I had been using actions for so long that I couldn’t remember how to do certain things manually! Panicked to high heaven I scratted around for my action files and reinstalled my sanity. But this got me thinking… Actions are extremely useful when a high volume of images need editing in a short space of time, but can they become a cop out for lazy retouchers (like me)?

Once all my actions were back in their rightful place, I decided to go through each one and remind myself how to do them manually. Don’t get me wrong it took flippin’ ages, but I can honestly say it was one of the most useful things I have done in a long time. I am not saying if you use action you are lazy! I am just saying you may become reliant on them, like I did.
Image One

Actions can be great fun. You can colour correct, high contrast black and white, and even make your image look like a Polaroid, with just a few clicks. But personally I think it’s not always that simple. For example ‘image one’ works rather well with the Polaroid action, but ‘image two’… not so well. Actions are pre-set, so they are not always going to be perfect for your image. You will need to manually adjust your image to make the action look good. Therefore knowledge of certain adjustment processes are needed!  
Image Two
There are some extremely Photoshop savvy folk out there all creating actions that you can just download! But be careful, some charge a small fortune for the simplest of actions. If you have never tried actions and are intrigued, I have compiled a few free ones to get you started. These are simple but effective;

1. Colour:
This is a really nice colour correction action. Simple but will save a lot of time if you have lots of images to edit!

2. Black and White:
Black and white is really easy to do manually, but if you just desaturate your image it can often look a little flat/ this actions automatically bumps up the contract so you image has a little more ‘pop’.

3. Polaroid:
This is brilliant! I spent hours messing with this action. Polaroids came back into fashion recently with the company ‘Impossible Project’ putting the film back into produce. So this is a great way to be in trend without spending a small fortune on the new sought after Polaroid cameras!

4. Holagizer:
Who doesn’t love a bit of Lomography!?!? Like the Polaroid this vintage ‘plastic lens’ style photography is coming back into fashion. I know it is a bit of a rip off of a classic style, but a Diana camera is not the most practical, or cheapest of cameras  to be going out and about with… so this action is a cheat, to get you in with the ‘Hipsters’, but without the price tag!

5. Vintage Effect:
Now if Polaroid or Lomography is not you scene, maybe try this... It’s cute, fresh and just a little bit vintage. This bright action will add a nice ‘Instagram’ effect to your images. But nothing really beats the real thing!

Once you have downloaded the file just double click it and it will automatically be added to your actions panel. To use, click on the action you want to apply and click the play symbol at the bottom of the actions panel! Easy! But don’t forget to adjust it after! And like I said before I really advise going back through your history to really get to grips with what the action has done to your image. 

My advice is ‘learn’ Photoshop, don’t just ‘use’ it.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Top 6 Must Haves This Season

Ladies Brown Leather Buckle Hem
Biker Jacket £69.99, Newlook.
OK so we are in full swing of autumn and much to my horror Christmas is only just around the metaphorical corner. My shorts and flip flops are back in the draw and my jeans and boots are out and about. But to be honest my wardrobe is looking a bit 'tired'. Also, if you are anything like me you cant be bothered to shop around in the rain to find that perfect piece to set you a cut above the rest. So i have done the leg work for you. Here are a few of my autumn/winter must haves...

1. A Jacket

Now this is a bit of a difficult category to advise on. Jackets, coats, and blazers are all such huge umbrella terms that cover such a wide range of products. All of which suit different styles, sizes and body shapes. So its very difficult to generalise for the sake of a blog post. But I am going to do my best to help by keeping it very short...

I am personally in love with leather jackets! A decent leather jacket can add a biker/punk twist to any outfit. They are also surprisingly warm. However they don't exactly bode well in wet weather. But it is well worth getting one to spruce up that casual outfit in seconds for those impulsive outings.

If Leather is not your thing, maybe consider a stylised wax jacket. They are just as versatile, and slightly more practical in wetter weather!

Check out Newlooks' massive range of different jackets/Coats if you can'f find one you like in all this lot i will be surprised!...


And if your budget is a little higher I will always swear by Barbour! I know they are expensive but they are so beautiful, and the quality is second to none!

Quicksilver Matt Ador Mediu M PT MSD jeans

2. A (decent) pair of Jeans 

Now when i say decent... I mean decent. If you are anything like me i buy a cheap pair of skinny jeans, wear them once, then end up looking like a saggy kneed old woman! This goes for you gents as well and you ladies. I know it may be painful at first but i promise you it will be worth it. Invest in a good pair of jeans and you will never look back.

As for the style, I am still enjoying the skinny jean (especially tucked into a nice pair of army style boots!) Be careful with skinny jeans though. Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits. No one looks good with a muffin top!
Ladies, If you are wanting something a little different to the standard skinny jean, maybe try a boyfriend fit jean. These look awesome with a Brogue shoe (of which i will be talking about next). Gentlemen, if you are not fancying the skinny jeans maybe try a more baggy slouch jean. They work well with a standard tee and a dressy jacket. But please, please, please, do not wear them around your knees! I am sure your pants are lovely but i do not particularly want to see them. The trend of seeing your pants over the top of your jeans originated in America, and is meant to indicate that you have spent time in
Roxy Kassia Dark Dee W Pt Jeans

prison, where they have confiscated your belt on arrival. So unless you have actually spent time in an American prison... Pull your trousers up!

My favorite pair of skinny jean i have ever owned were Roxy. they were so stretchy, and never went baggy! you can buy Roxy jeans from lots of different places, but they will set you back about £60! But i will say, they were worth every penny!

For a full range of Ladies jeans:,en_GB,sc.html

And the Gents:,en_GB,sc.html

3. Brogue/Oxford shoes

On to the shoes... As long as it not completely soggy under foot, a brogue or Oxford shoe is a lovely way to style an outfit. I personally find them very vintage and stylish. 
It works well for both guys
ASOS Brogue Shoe in Leather
and gals too! 
And they don't have to be top of the range ones either! If you know where to look a good charity shop can hide some of the most beautiful gems, but have to be willing to dig for them! On the other hand if it is a bit rainy, maybe opt for the more sturdy option of an army boot for the guys and a cowboy style ankle boot for the Girls. In major monsoon "batten down the hatches" type weather... I would instantly go for willies! I know it sounds silly, but you can now get some awesome ones! Top them off with a nice patterned pair of wellie socks. Beautiful yet practical.

Ladies Brogues:
Gents Brogues:

And the Wellies!:

4. Silk blouse (for the ladies) / Shaped shirt (for the gents)

Silk is a stunning way to feminise a winter layered look. If you are anything like me, you see the slightest bit of winter
Celia Bertwell Silk Blouse
weather and pile on all the layers, and end up looking yeti. A silk blouse can add a delicate intermission into your winter wardrobe.

Now guys... You can as well join in with the silk shirt situation but i will warn you now, it takes a certain kind of man to pull it off! If you are not feeling that confident i suggest a well fitting shaped shirt. The difference between a normal shirt and a shaped shirt?... The bottom. If you hold up the shirt and its cut straight across at the bottom, its just a shirt. If you hold it up and the bottom curves, its a shaped shirt. Shaped shirts you are not meant to tuck it in! They are comfy, practical and add a nice casual feel to an outfit. Give it a go!... 


5. A slouch jumper

This kind of goes back to a previous post I have written so I will keep it short. A good piece of knitwear is a nice alternative to boring tees and tops. Its also rather warm in this kind of weather. A slouch jumper twinned with the previously discussed jeans is a lovely way to meet this winter with style. For more detail please read my previous post...

6. A hat
And last but not least... A hat. OK so hear me out... I know a few people who say they look awful in hats, but i honestly believe its because they have never found the right hat! There are billions of different styles out there, you just have to be
Simple Bowler Hat,
Urban Outfitters.
patient and search for the perfect one! I personally suit beanies, because i have long blonde hair. But my sister on the other hand, who is sporting a styled pixie cut, look flippin' awesome in a Bowler/trilby
! So it all depends on your own style and preferences. Either way hats are defiant ways to top off an outfit.


I am sure there are so many more must haves out there that are yet to make themselves known to me, but for now i think this is enough to be getting on with. I would also like to point out, the links i have given are only quick examples of what i am twittering on about! There are sooo many other places and brand of which to choose from. It all boils down to your individual style and budget. Please shop around! Local independent shops will appreciated your custom!

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to drop me a message. I would love to hear about your fashion tips.




Thursday, 3 October 2013

The shoes as a statement? Discuss...

These days its impossible to walk down the high street without being bombarded with the latest trends, fashions and 'must haves'. 

One thing I have noticed of late is the vast variety of 'Statement' shoes on the shelves. In my opinion they are no longer practical clothing to stop you getting your feet wet! They have become the central point of many fashion statements. For example, the world famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik astounded his audience at his London Fashion Week presentation this year. 

The incredible array of colours and innovative designs twined with expert craftsmanship, culminates together to produce some of the most 'out there' shoes. Blahnik designs have graced the feet of many a celebs in the past, becoming a regular shoes choice for those such as Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker. Looking at the bright contrasting colours and bold graphic stitching, I have no doubt in saying these will be the next shoes joining many peoples collections.

However, if your anything like me you cant afford a pair of designer shoes for every day of the week. So here is a few brands that might be worth looking at....

1. Irregular Choice: 
IC was first born in 1999 with its first shop being opened in covent Garden by Designer and owner Dan Sullivan. Over the years the designs have got bigger, better,  and bolder. On todays selves you can find shoes ranging from 'Bashfull Brenda' heals to 'Fraggle' flats. If you are in need of a shoe to stand out from the crowd, IC is defiantly worth a look. And the guys shoes are awesome too! Seriously Gents, if you need to get the attention of a 'certain person', Irregular Choice is the way to do it!

2. Asos:
I was a bit dubious at first when told to check out the shoes on asos. I figured they would be just like any other big brand, but boy was I wrong. Asos have a huge range of boots, flats, heal, and everything in between. At very reasonable prices! And not only do they sell their own designs, but they also sell may different independent brands. My suggestion is if you're not too sure what you want, check out Asos. Its sure to give you loads of ideas.

And last but not least...

3. Primark!!!
I know, I actually said Primark! The thing is, if you are on a bit of an economy drive, but you need that killer set of ladies heels or lads loafers for a party everyone is going to, Primark aren't too bad!!! They will never be the comfiest pair of shoes you will own, but for all intent and purpose they do the job. I have found that Primark are copy cats with lower prices. They take big brand designs, make their own copy and sell them at a fraction of the price. They stock everything, and if you can put up with the mess and crowds you are bound to find something to finish off that awesome outfit.

I have given you a few options, but please don't take these as the only ones. There are loads of different independent shops that would appreciate your custom. So don't discard the idea of a shop you have never heard of, it may just stock the most amazing little secrets. Also the 'Shoe as a statement' thing is not set in stone, its just something that has been buzzing around for a while. If you're not into it, then don't panic. Maybe try a fabulous coat or a statement jumper to make your mark on your own fashion style. And most of all... Have fun with it, you never know you may just be starting the next trend!


Monday, 30 September 2013

The changing season... Does your style hit back or hibernate this autumn?

I can't speak for all when I say this, but I think the general consensus is, that summer came and went far too fast!

The english summer lingered slightly longer than usual but it still seems to have left us all feeling slightly disoriented. Now with the closing nights and the cooler day creeping in, I am personally at a lose as to what the wear! Do I stay with Vest tops and cardigans, and accept the fact that I might be slightly chilly. Or do I move onto the Skinny Jean, Granddad jumper and army bot combo? 

Looking through the fashion trends that exploded with full force out of the London Fashion Week 2013, I am still none the wiser! Light pink, Velvet, Leopard print, PVC, and Turtle Necks are just a few of the Autumn/Winter trend predictions. This small list alone intimidates me! I love keeping up with the latest fashions, but I feel that they are just thrown upon us without any instructions! Do we mix? Can we wear 'light pink' 'leopard print' 'Velvet'? Or is that too much? So here are my suggestions... 

Personally I am sticking to what I know, and keeping it simple. I like the idea of the light pink. It's a nice way of just splashing a fresh bit of summer back into your wardrobe, but don't go too bonkers with it. You may end you looking like a strawberry bonbon! The same stands for all the others really, 'tinting' your own style with high end fashion trends, is a great (and more affordable) way to keep you looking fresh and in style, without looking over the top and out of place. 

I do really love the turn of the season and the new possibilities it bring. I recently did a photo shoot with one of my favourite Autumn/Winter styles. To me there is nothing comfier than a good quality piece of knitwear. It's warm, practical, and just in case the sun decides to make a fleeting appliance, its easily layered with a summer vest top allowing for a quick wardrobe amendment. 
Matching this with a well fitted pair of skinny jeans you are well on your way to being the friend that everyone wants as their fashion stylist. This look can also be awesome for the stylish gent wanting to make an impact on a new season. I am absolutely in love with the new Jack Wills Knitwear 'Crew' range. Its simple, stylish, and easily dressed up or down for any occasion. Check it out here... 

The one thing I will say that completes any look, whether it's your old style with a new twist or a complete revamp... Confidence is the key. If you feel good, then you look good. It's not always up to the fashion bigwigs to label you lifestyle and fashion preferences. It's your life, your style... live it this Autumn. 


Images ©Jessica Morris ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shadow Portraits...

For the last few weeks I have been working on some of my own portfolio images.

It started with an idea and has snowballed into experimentation with light (or lack of it!) I have mainly used myself as a model but I am hoping to continue to develop the idea with other models. Please let me know what you think. All feed back (good and bad) id useful. 


©Jessica Morris
All Rights Reserved 

Ruby Rice Collaboration work...

Just over a week ago I went down to London to work with a very talented make up artist called Ruby Rice.

To be honest it started out as a vert simple idea of getting a few people together in one place to see what we can get out of it... By the end we had 12 models and very little time! We worked on a rota, she did the make up of one person then passed them onto me to shoot while she made a start on the next! It worked rather well to be honest. 

It took me a while to edit down and I have barely had any free time away form photoshop, but.... Enjoy.


©Jessica Morris
All Rights Reserved
Make Up By :